What is Dream11 and How it work – Dream11 क्या है

In this article, I will tell you about what is dream11 and how dream11 works and how much people earn and which is the most popular game in dream11, and what success story So let’s check out our article
What is Dream11

Owner Of Dream11

Dream11 was established in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. The two young entrepreneurs with his a passion for the sport of cricket. the identify dream11 platform that fans allow to create their own playing. However, their journey is very challenging. the pass with high competition and sources are limitless and not is the market knowledge of fantasy sports

How Dream11 Works

Dream 11 is a user’s friendly environment and play and create your own playing 11 by research and analysis. once you created a team then you joined a contest with different prize fees and contest and the performance of the selecting player score in your contest you joined after the highest top position get the winning of the dream11.

What benefits Of Playing Dream11?

  • Win Big Prize Pool
  • Friendly Environment
  • Not Time-Consuming
  • Skill Development Playing more and more
  • Real-Time Updates and Live Interaction
  • Piece of Joy
  • Emotional Connection
  • Sports Analysis and Research

How to play on Dream11?

  • Registration – download the Dream 11app available on the google play store and register in the dream11 application
  • Select a match – Select the sports you want to play. In dream11 they are many sports like Cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, and many more.
  • Create your team – In dream 11 create your team through pitch report and player analysis and create a team
  • Captain and Vice-Captain Selection – Captain and vice-captain are more important because when you pick a squad. The captain’s points are 2x and the vice captain’s points are 1.5x More. they impact your team’s performance
  • Save and Join Contests – after analysis player. join your contest by selecting a contest that has different match fees And prize pool
  • Track your rank– After joining the contest track your rank in the contest leaderboard
  • Win Prizes– after the end of the matches they check whether your amount is credited or not and also check your position ranking on the leaderboard

How they earn on Dream11

  • Contest Winning – You can earn in Dream 11 join a contest with a different prize pool and contest with entry fees. lots of people earn through by playing in dream11 and winning a lot of jackpots and a decent amount
  • Refer and earn – also you can earn through refer and earn b inviting your friend on Dream 11 app by sending your link and refer code and you can get up to RS200
  • Offers and Bonuses – They dream11 gives you a bonus after winning your contest special reward points are given to your account and they can be given a bonus while depositing cash contest for depositing

Why is the Dream11 contest so popular?

Because they love to play and create their own team in dream11 on the basis of the analysis researched player form. Users can choose players from different teams and participate in contests across various sports such as cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and more. The platform offers both free and paid contests, giving users the opportunity to win cash prizes and rewards based on their team’s performance.

How can we know which players are playing in Dream11?

In Dream11, you can know which players are playing by accessing the team line-ups or squad announcements provided by the respective sports leagues or teams

  • after the toss – You can see in dream11 that the announced player list which is to be selected and create your best team playing 11
  • Join Telegram Group – You can join our telegram group and also update the announced player who is too been chosen in the dream11 and plays with your best team and defeat your opponent
  • Sports Broadcasts – Watch sports broadcasts on television or through online streaming services. The commentators often discuss the line-ups and provide updates on player availability during the pre-match analysis or live coverage.
  • Fantasy Sports Platforms – ream11 and other fantasy sports platforms usually provide information on player availability. They update the player list based on the official announcements from the leagues and teams. You can check the player list on the platform before creating your fantasy team.


In conclusion, the Dream11 contest’s popularity is an immersive and rewarding fantasy sports experience The platform’s commitment to transparency and fair play trust among users, ensures a level playing field for all participants. the dream11 allows users to track their team’s progress and make strategic decisions in real-time and after the end of the match see the winning prize credited to your account

Is dream11 Real fake or not?

No, it’s not a fake lot of people play and earn by creating a team

Is Dream11 1crore winning fake or real?

Yes dream11 gives you a huge prize pool and updates the winner list in the dream11 app

Is Dream11 a better platform for earning?

Yes it is a better platform but play at your own risk they may be addictive

Is Dream11 a Chinese app?

No, it is an Indian aap and the founder is harsh Jain and Bhavish Sheth

Is Dream11 safe to add money?

yes it is safe to add money through Paytm, UPI, and credit card and debit card

Is Dream11 a good platform?

Yes it is a better platform and create your own playing 11 team

Is it Dream 11 deducts tax in dream11

Yes it deducts 30% of the taxe after winning the amount in the dream11 app

Is Dream 11 download is free

Yes you can download it from the official website of dream11

What is dream11?

dream11 is a popular fantasy sport and create virtual team and create your own team and play and win amazing cash prizes

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